• Danielle P.


The other morning I decided to watch the morning news. Each and every story was about keeping your social distancing. Each and every commercial was how we can "Touch" those we love in other ways than physical touch. Everything was about how to avoid human touch. It is heartbreaking.

As someone that delivers human touch to others, I cannot emphasize how important human touch is. It is healing to those that have lost someone, had a bad day, or helping someone through physical trauma. It is a connection that cannot be delivered in any other way.

Those that are in loving caring relationships may not understand that there are people out there that go days, weeks or months without another person touching them. What hair stylists, massage therapists and even personal trainers provide is a vital human connection.

A stylist that takes care in washing their clients hair before they begin cutting. It provides comfort to a single-mother that is focused on caring for her children. The massage therapist that works on an elderly client that has no family to visit them provides a listening ear and physical care. The personal trainer that corrects a clients form to ensure they don't injure themselves, makes that connection as well.

Those few moments of touch help people feel reconnected to others. Reconnected to society.

My heart aches for those that have suffered so much during this time and are isolated. Please make sure to check on your friends, family, neighbors, and an aquaintance. You just don't know what they are experiencing during these times of isolation.

Be well and a silly virtual hug to you all.

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