a brief history

How I came to be a massage therapist was a long journey. As someone that has always been fascinated with Anatomy & Physiology, my path has lead me down a winding road. It did however guide me to less conventional & noninvasive options for those seeking pain management. 


My approach is a combination of both eastern and western methods. If you need a positive, energetic and caring Massage Therapist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalize yourself.

My therapy education began at High Tech Institute. My instructors were amazing in that they encouraged students to seek out a specialty, take continuing education classes, and use their instruction as a stepping stone to develop a career. This lead me to discover Orthopedic Massage and Myoskeletal Alignment. These modalities have allowed me to assist hundreds of people over the years to find ways to live their lives more fully. 


I took the leap in May 2010 to start my own clinic and haven't looked back. This year marks our 10th Anniversary and we are happy to share it with you.